February 7, 2017

The Age Old Question

It’s one of the first questions I ask my couples and I hang on their response like it’s life or death. First Look or wait to Ceremony? And with three simple words I break into a cold sweat… “we will wait”.


Ok, so maybe that’s a tad bit dramatic, but it is an important question to consider. I get asked about my view all the time. From clients, to people at Starbucks, to friends of friends wanting to know the pros and cons of both options. Let’s start with the traditional option of waiting until the ceremony. First of all, it’s so romantic! The reaction on the groom’s face is priceless and the idea of you in a wedding gown as you turn and face your future husband is goose-bump inducing. Really. BUT, what about the idea of seeing your soon to be husband and being able to KISS him! Oh my gosh, what a dream come true. You can cry, hug, kiss, snuggle and savor those emotions on private. (That also means people won’t be staring at your funky mascara after crying at the altar.)

The other big part, and I mean BIG, is getting your photos almost totally done before the day starts! To give an example, I’d like to break it down as a wedding planner knows how… ahem… TIMELINE!

First Look Schedule 

2:30 First Look and Couples photos, lots of relaxed couples photos

3:15 Bridal Party joins

4:00 Family joins

4:45 Bridal Party return to room to relax and have a glass of champagne

5:00 Ceremony

5:45 Extended Family photo

5:55 Photos done, JOIN COCKTAIL HOUR!

Traditional Schedule: 

2:30 Portraits

3:15 Bridal Party with Bride and Groom separate

4:00 Respective Family photos

4:45 Bridal Party returns to suite / meeting room to wait

5:00 Ceremony

5:45 Family Photos

6:15 Bridal Party Photos

6:35 Newlywed Photos

6:45 Guests seated for dinner

6:50 Photos done, Grand Entrance

There is no wrong or right way to do your wedding day but I can tell you the way it feels when there is no stress, no crunch for photos and everyone can have a great, relaxed, fun time. It feels REALLY good. xo, Wedding Kate


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