April 24, 2018

A NorCal Romance Goes Santa Barbara Chic Wedding

Whenever a client tells me they are from the Bay Area all I hear in “Wine Country”. Ok, so like Napa? Uh, no Wedding Kate – they say. San Francisco. Ya know, the hub of all things tech, the place that keeps your social media up to date constantly and tells a car to pick you up when you press that little button in the Lyft app. Oh! Gotcha. I’m speaking the wrong language. Well this Boss Babe Bride speaks that language – she works for a very important company that provides one of those things mentioned above. So when she said she wanted to give her guests a Santa Barbara destination wedding, we knew exactly how to achieve it. Gwen wanted romantic pops of fall color mixed into the timeless, elegant backdrop of El Encanto. I think every bride dreams of being a carefree, relaxed, beauty on their wedding day and this bride really was. She was present in every moment, rolled with all the fun and truly enjoyed every second.

Jen Rodriguez was part of the party, catching every kiss, laugh and special moment between this beautiful bride and her handsome groom. Julie from Cheek to Cheek glammed the ladies to perfection, giving them that glow that made them all look like they had been in paradise for weeks. Rich from Paradise Music played all my favorites, err – correction, all the couples favorites from 90’s hip hop to the Motown classics. All in all this day was a true reflection of this couple. Authentic, important and focused on the important language. No, no not wine or tech. The language of love.

Cheers to these babes and wishing them many years of happiness, love and laughter! xoxo – Wedding Kate

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